About Us

Greenstone is one of the leading real estate investment and development companies in Lebanon. Established in 2005, Greenstone has been at the forefront of constructing unique buildings which combine the art and science of residential architecture. The company is a subsidiary of Johnny R. Saade Holdings, a Beirut-based conglomerate with interests in tourism, wineries, real estate and finance in both the Middle East as well as Europe.

Greenstone is headed by brothers Karim and Sandro Saade, who have a combined 25 years of management experience.

With a strong experience in real estate investment and development, Greenstone has extended its expertise by providing external clients with project, construction and sales management services.

The residential property projects of Greenstone reflect the cultural, environmental, and social concerns of its staff and clients. True to its corporate citizenship philosophy, Greenstone seeks to preserve the character of the cities and neighborhoods in which it works.

The residential properties developed by Greenstone reflect the company’s belief that preservation (whenever relevant), environmental commitment and real estate development go hand-in-hand. This commitment towards Lebanon’s unique culture and history is behind the considerable lengths at which Greenstone goes to instill culture and tradition into each of its projects. Commitment, along with technical excellence, is the driving force behind properties which are in a class of their own. With all of these elements, Greenstone has a well-earned reputation of trust and credibility with both present and potential clients..